Double Hung Windows
in Washington DC
Double-hung windows are one of the earliest types of window that is still widely readily available.
Sure, the style has actually changed a bit over the years but they still have all of the same properties that the original designs had. They are still the most popular type of replacement windows today. Because of their ease of use, ventilation, and expansive views, they are an excellent choice for almost any space. Double-hung windows include two operable sashes that can be raised or reduced to open or close the window.

They are visually appealing and can be used in almost any style of home. Double-hung windows are made of two or three layers of glass. This, along with the gas placed between the panes of glass, contributes to the windows' maximum energy efficiency. Double-hung replacement windows are more reliable insulators than single-hung windows because they keep the cold out in the winter and the heat in the summer.

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