Bow Windows 
in Washington DC
A bow window is a mix of 5-6 windows that angle together to forecast a scenic view of the outside.
Bow windows can be available in a range of designs and colors to match your environment, with the custom-made angle alternatives of your option. With their outstanding style and ability to house a window seat or accent furniture, bow windows bring a layer of elegance to your house's architectural design. Though bow windows resemble bay windows, their style is a little different, and depending upon your house's other structural components, one may be better fit for you than the other.

The curved look is what distinguishes a bow window from a bay window: Due to the fact that bow windows have more glass panes, they can accomplish a gradual curve instead of the hexagonal shape of bay windows. Bay windows protrude further from the house than bow windows. The structural style of your house, such as its distance to the residential or commercial property line and its overhang, may identify whether a bay or bow window is best for you. The mix of aesthetics plus the feeling of additional space will include to the resale value to your Washington DC house, or simply something you and your household can delight in for several years.

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